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CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya

CCTV surveillance is one of the finest ways to make your homes and premises protected. Besides giving you peace of mind, our world-class CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya will ensure that we protect you from unexpected losses and keep an eye on your property. 

As the leading CCTV supplier in Kenya, Magfre enterprises limited provides you with the necessary security camera equipment and tools that you need to protect and manage your business. Similarly, our services are a strong deterrent against fraud, theft, and burglary. Therefore, it gives you recorded footage to fully analyze and make informed decisions. 

Besides, we provide site visits, installation, and maintenance solutions. But first, let us delve into how our systems are helpful.

How helpful are CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya?

When a security breach happens, it causes vandalism, losses of property, life, and even fear. Therefore, many companies across Kenya have accepted our security surveillance systems to reduce illicit activities happening around their premises and businesses. 

Our CCTV surveillance technical providers ensure that we position all the cameras correctly. These measures improve productivity as well as security measures within the business. Additionally, our surveillance systems within office enclosures ensure that managers and supervisors manage the conduct and activities of the staff. 

We will help you improve from analog to digital surveillance systems. With the revolution in technology, there is a need to have improved security surveillance systems. Therefore, our security and surveillance service providers will smoothly help you improve from analog to IP-based solutions. On the other hand, we will work with various CCTV brands to ensure that we serve your present and future needs. 

Among other reasons why our CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya are most preferred include:

  • It deters criminal activities
  • Eliminates chances of employee theft
  • Provides a good piece of evidence
  • CCTV cameras act as security for your loved ones and important assets
  • They protect your staff
  • They promote good behaviour and confidence

Our CCTV security surveillance solution in Kenya

Our video surveillance system is an essential requirement for a comprehensive security strategy. However, choosing the best service provider can be both challenging and time-consuming. Other companies take advantage of customer ignorance and end up delivering substandard services. Therefore below is what we will offer you.

Our experienced experts will use IP, analog, and hybrid video systems to ensure we serve both your current and future needs. We will also use both local, network, and cloud-based video storage options and provide real-time video through your linked devices.

Additionally, we will integrate intruder systems, access control, and other amazing features to ensure maximum security. Among our other services include:

  • Highly integrated video analytics and capabilities
  • Video alarm verification
  • Video monitoring
  • Interactive CCTV

Where we offer our world-class solutions

CCTV security surveillance solutions Kenya provides management convenience tools. However, we help improve your performance, health, and safety. Similarly, employers can maintain consistent customer service, monitor manufacturing progressions, and control the quality of services. 

Therefore among areas where we offer our distinguished services include:

  • In education and research centres
  • Different places of worship
  • In manufacturing plants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Telecoms and tech companies
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Retail stores and malls

Our provision -ISR CCTV products

Magfre enterprises limited encompasses different CCTV products to help you solve your security concerns. On the other hand, our technical team consists of highly experienced personnel with over 20 years of experience. Therefore they know how to both handle and install different types and models of surveillance systems.

Local video surveillance 

 This model of surveillance includes setting up both interior and exterior security cameras. Basically, our experts will install an on-site NVR video storage that provides you with remote access to viewing. Therefore, this provision allows you to see what happens around your business anytime. In addition, it is primarily for retail facilities, convenience stores, and other small but growing businesses. 

Intelligent network video

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Consequently, we will use enterprise-grade Network Video Recorders (NVR) to distribute storage in your multiple facilities, hence providing total transparency.

Similarly, we will use our intelligent network video to track activities happening around your premises. However, this solution is designed for complex facilities: stadiums, government facilities, and universities. 

We provide high-end and best-quality megapixel to comprehensive CCTV solutions based upon our services. Therefore, we supply and install CCTV cameras that suit different functions. For example, they include:

  • HD IP cameras
  • Vandal dome cameras
  • IR Bullet cameras
  • 360 degree view panoramic cameras
  • Fisheye cameras automatic number plate recognition cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • 4-32 channel DVR 
  • Integrated with intruder alarm
  • Intelligent video management systems (IVMs)



Do our services provide for security and peace? How?

Yes. Our quality services provide both peace and security. Our experts consist of careful planners, superior craftsmanship, and future thinkers. Therefore, we will pay attention to detail and ensure that every corner of your premise is well covered.

How do hidden cameras work?

The position of a CCTV camera matters in promoting transparency in your workplace when installing cameras. Similarly, hidden cameras are installed in less visible areas but can capture a wide view area. However, you can still install a visible camera and still serve the same purpose. 

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Security breach causes both losses of property and lives. Magfre enterprises LTD CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya are here to supply, sell and install CCTV surveillance systems. Consequently, we will protect your premises and your loved ones. To get in touch, visit all our social media handles or websites today and place your order. You stand a better chance of protecting your property than you never thought.