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CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya

CCTV surveillance is one of the finest ways to make your homes and premises protected. Besides giving you peace of mind, our world-class CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya will ensure that we protect you from unexpected losses and keep an eye on your property. 

As the leading CCTV supplier in Kenya, Magfre enterprises limited provides you with the necessary security camera equipment and tools that you need to protect and manage your business. Similarly, our services are a strong deterrent against fraud, theft, and burglary. Therefore, it gives you recorded footage to fully analyze and make informed decisions. 

Besides, we provide site visits, installation, and maintenance solutions. But first, let us delve into how our systems are helpful.

How helpful are CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya?

When a security breach happens, it causes vandalism, losses of property, life, and even fear. Therefore, many companies across Kenya have accepted our security surveillance systems to reduce illicit activities happening around their premises and businesses. 

Our CCTV surveillance technical providers ensure that we position all the cameras correctly. These measures improve productivity as well as security measures within the business. Additionally, our surveillance systems within office enclosures ensure that managers and supervisors manage the conduct and activities of the staff. 

We will help you improve from analog to digital surveillance systems. With the revolution in technology, there is a need to have improved security surveillance systems. Therefore, our security and surveillance service providers will smoothly help you improve from analog to IP-based solutions. On the other hand, we will work with various CCTV brands to ensure that we serve your present and future needs. 

Among other reasons why our CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya are most preferred include:

  • It deters criminal activities
  • Eliminates chances of employee theft
  • Provides a good piece of evidence
  • CCTV cameras act as security for your loved ones and important assets
  • They protect your staff
  • They promote good behaviour and confidence

Our CCTV security surveillance solution in Kenya

Our video surveillance system is an essential requirement for a comprehensive security strategy. However, choosing the best service provider can be both challenging and time-consuming. Other companies take advantage of customer ignorance and end up delivering substandard services. Therefore below is what we will offer you.

Our experienced experts will use IP, analog, and hybrid video systems to ensure we serve both your current and future needs. We will also use both local, network, and cloud-based video storage options and provide real-time video through your linked devices.

Additionally, we will integrate intruder systems, access control, and other amazing features to ensure maximum security. Among our other services include:

  • Highly integrated video analytics and capabilities
  • Video alarm verification
  • Video monitoring
  • Interactive CCTV

Where we offer our world-class solutions

CCTV security surveillance solutions Kenya provides management convenience tools. However, we help improve your performance, health, and safety. Similarly, employers can maintain consistent customer service, monitor manufacturing progressions, and control the quality of services. 

Therefore among areas where we offer our distinguished services include:

  • In education and research centres
  • Different places of worship
  • In manufacturing plants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Telecoms and tech companies
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Retail stores and malls

Our provision -ISR CCTV products

Magfre enterprises limited encompasses different CCTV products to help you solve your security concerns. On the other hand, our technical team consists of highly experienced personnel with over 20 years of experience. Therefore they know how to both handle and install different types and models of surveillance systems.

Local video surveillance 

 This model of surveillance includes setting up both interior and exterior security cameras. Basically, our experts will install an on-site NVR video storage that provides you with remote access to viewing. Therefore, this provision allows you to see what happens around your business anytime. In addition, it is primarily for retail facilities, convenience stores, and other small but growing businesses. 

Intelligent network video

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Consequently, we will use enterprise-grade Network Video Recorders (NVR) to distribute storage in your multiple facilities, hence providing total transparency.

Similarly, we will use our intelligent network video to track activities happening around your premises. However, this solution is designed for complex facilities: stadiums, government facilities, and universities. 

We provide high-end and best-quality megapixel to comprehensive CCTV solutions based upon our services. Therefore, we supply and install CCTV cameras that suit different functions. For example, they include:

  • HD IP cameras
  • Vandal dome cameras
  • IR Bullet cameras
  • 360 degree view panoramic cameras
  • Fisheye cameras automatic number plate recognition cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • 4-32 channel DVR 
  • Integrated with intruder alarm
  • Intelligent video management systems (IVMs)



Do our services provide for security and peace? How?

Yes. Our quality services provide both peace and security. Our experts consist of careful planners, superior craftsmanship, and future thinkers. Therefore, we will pay attention to detail and ensure that every corner of your premise is well covered.

How do hidden cameras work?

The position of a CCTV camera matters in promoting transparency in your workplace when installing cameras. Similarly, hidden cameras are installed in less visible areas but can capture a wide view area. However, you can still install a visible camera and still serve the same purpose. 

 Get in touch

Security breach causes both losses of property and lives. Magfre enterprises LTD CCTV security surveillance solutions in Kenya are here to supply, sell and install CCTV surveillance systems. Consequently, we will protect your premises and your loved ones. To get in touch, visit all our social media handles or websites today and place your order. You stand a better chance of protecting your property than you never thought.

Magfre Introduces KeyDigital’s New Range of Products Into Kenya

Key Digital is offering all custom electronic A/V integrators, systems integrators, contractors, consultants, and sales personnel a personal tour of their redesigned booth at ISE2017. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the Key Digital product portfolio and meet Mike Tsinberg, who is an industry pioneer and holder of over 40 HDTV patents.

The company will also be showcasing the following new products:

HD Over IP Solutions

Key Digital’s HD over IP solutions create an expandable HDMI over IP system that can be scaled to fit any installation. Adding up to 1024 Tx units and an unlimited number of Rx units will result in a better custom video solution.

The Key Digital App for iOS allows users to control Key Digital App Ready IP-enabled products. Features include:

  • Free demo
  • App Store Link
  • IP Control – All Key Digital App Ready IP-enabled products are automatically detected on local area network and are ready for control
  • App Store Link
  • Enterprise AV Access
  • Switcher Control
  • Customer Presets
Video Wall Processors

The KD-VW4x4Pro Video Wall Processor has four Inputs to four Outputs, Bezel Control and supports Seamless Matrix Switching in full-screen or multi-view modes. The processor is able to transform consumer and professional displays into a video wall with eight video wall modes:

  • Horizontal (4): 1×4 Rotated, 1×4, 1×3, and two sets of 1×2
  • Vertical (3): 4×1, 3×1, and two sets of 2×1, 2×2
MultiView Seamless Matrix Switchers

The KD-MLV4x2 has 4 Inputs to 2 Outputs and supports Ultra HD/4K, as well as the following features:

  • Multi-View Window Processing: Create & store custom multi-view layouts: Quadrant Mode (4K or 2K), Multi-View Mode (2K)
  • Seamless Switching: Un-interrupted screen transitions during source selections in full-screen mode or multi-view modes
HDBaseT/HDMI via CAT5e/6 Matrix Switchers with built-in Compass Control System
  • KD-Pro6x6CC – 6 Inputs to 6 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher with built-in Compass Control® system, supports HDR, HDCP2.2, 4K. Includes 3 KD-XSWRx Receiver Extenders.
  • KD-Pro8x8CC – 8 Inputs to 8 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher with built-in Compass Control® system, supports HDR, HDCP2.2, 4K. Includes 4 KD-XSWRx Receiver Extenders.

Leading Audio Visual Solutions Provider in Kenya | Magfre

Affordable and Leading Audio Visual Solutions Provider in Kenya

Are you in limbo about maximizing your internal team collaboration with audiovisual solutions? Do you need a united communication center or digital lobby signage?

Worry less. Our leading audio visual solutions company Kenya is one of the leading audiovisual integration companies. Therefore, whether your priority is collaborating with your team or attracting many guests to your business spades, our team of experienced personnel, including engineers, designers, and installers, will provide high tech, reliable, and easy to use solutions that will fit any available AV solutions. But, first, let us delve into some of our solutions.

Why choose our leading audio visual solutions company Kenya services?

With the revolution of the audiovisual industry, many AV companies have taken advantage of customer ignorance and hence end up delivering substandard services. However, at Magfre enterprises limited, we have a team of highly accomplished personnel with over 15 years of operative experience.

For example, we rely on teamwork to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team members, including designers, engineers and installers, work together and brainstorm for ideas. Therefore we can creatively solve real-time client challenges.

We rely heavily on the current innovation. The revolution of the internet, as well as technology, has seen innovations take effect. However, our primary purpose is to exploit our best practices and invent them to cater to present and future problems. 

We are loyal to our word. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Thus, our team of experienced personnel will seek to give you the services you requested as promised and much more.

We provide tailor-made solutions. Our customers came with different orders with different specifications. Therefore, it will take our experienced persons, who include engineers and designers, their time to figure out how they can provide completely customized services for you alone. 

We have strategic partnerships with leading AV brands across the world. Av control system manufacturers exist in different countries. On the other hand, we receive orders from clients with varied descriptions. Therefore, our interaction and partnership with the world’s leading audiovisual manufacturers and suppliers give us an upper hand in serving most of our customers’ requirements. 

Highly experienced personnel

Our team of experts consists of only experienced personnel. Before we admit any engineer, designer or installer into our team, we ensure that they have over ten years of experience with a good educational background. Similarly, we take our employees to regular training to educate them on new emerging technologies. 

Among other factors why you should place an order with us today include: 

  • We are result-oriented
  • High-quality audio and video output
  • We provide remote assistance in case of any difficulty
  • Free maintenance 
  • Fair pricing

Our services

Magfre enterprises limited is an integrated technical, consulting, planning and designing professional events based in Nairobi and operating within Africa. We specialize in many disciplines related to audiovisual that include: 

  • Sound
  • Screens
  • Lighting
  • Content management
  • Digital and interactive technology
  • Scenic design

In addition, our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya conducts other traditional aspects of events that include logistics and bookings. 

Our intense knowledge and expertise with commercial Audiovisual integrators give us an opportunity and ability to serve our clients beyond their expectations. Thus. Below are some of our capabilities.

Full production. With the experience and abilities bestowed upon us, we can oversee full event production no matter its size. In this case, we can oversee events from social gatherings, trade shows, and marketing promotions, halftime shows to fan rallies. 

Additionally, our packages can include the whole event, one particular service or a custom selection. Consequently, we will work hard to pin down your expectation, which ranges from:

  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Staging
  • Audio
  • Rigging to
  • Design

Live Streaming

Our live streaming services at magfre LTD provide for both conference and social functions. During these events, our support team, which includes videographers, will directly feed the event into live proceedings. Additionally, our highly accomplished editors will edit the video clips in our modern studio and finally submit the final product to the event owners. 

Among other services that we can fully provide you with include:

  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Event management and conceptualization
  • Audiovisual solutions
  • Virtual annual general meetings and professional meetings
  • Interpretation and translation services

Our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya FAQs

Do you use graphics when organizing events?

Yes. We make good use of heavy graphics. As you know, there is no event that can be colourful without graphics. Similarly, the objective is to always make the event look flawless. Therefore, our experienced personnel will ensure proper light placement and audio staging.

However, there is no event that is complete without eye-catching visual content. Therefore if you have to conduct your event using signs, posters or printed back panels, we will ensure that we do it perfectly. 


What are some of your audiovisual solutions?

Our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya provides tailor-made solutions in many spheres that include:

  • Extron solutions. Refers to one of the modern technologies that improve the quality of the image, higher quality sounds and easy to control system configurations. 
  • Kramer solutions
  • AUDAC solutions. This solution helps to improve the quality and ability of other audio equipment. 
  • TOA solutions
  • Infocus solutions

Connect with us today.

Events are lucrative, educational, and informative. In many cases, they help transform society from one level to another. Similarly, they will be profitable by hiring our leading audio-visual solutions company in Kenya. We will ensure that your events turn colorful with better image and sound quality. Above all, we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. What you only need to do is to visit our website today and place your order now. Our online support team will get back to you soon. It is time to fully benefit from properly organized events.

Fire Detection, Alarm Systems and Solutions.

Reliable Fire Detection and Alarm System Solutions in Kenya

Whether it is for your safety, the safety of your loved ones, or your property, you need fire detection and alarm systems. They are not only a legal requirement but essential addition to your business. Therefore, they protect both people, property, and assets. 

Magfre enterprises limited, fire detection, and alarm solutions Kenya provide solutions to help you meet local and international building and fire code requirements. Thus, we will provide you with tailored systems to enhance security against fires and ensure business continuity.

Our team of experts consists of designers, engineers, and installers who offer extensive fire detection and voice evacuation solutions. They will integrate an appropriate fire detection control panel in your building compatible with our systems. Similarly, our integrated fire emergency systems offer automated fire alarm and notification systems for commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, our systems are not only appealing in design but also offer tailored functionality within the installation.

Armed with enough expertise, and a wide range of fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems, let us delve into the reasons why you should place your order with us.  


Reasons why you should work with our fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya

When fires occur, they cause both losses of property and lives. However, with appropriate fire detection systems, you can recognize fires at their initial stages of development and develop an effective plan of efficient evacuation and subsequent elimination of dangers associated with fires. 

At Magfre enterprises limited, we integrate fire detection panels into our voice alarm evacuation systems. Consequently, these voice evacuation systems facilitate voice evacuation procedures during any fire emergency. Similarly, we provide sounders with unique strobe lighting to cater to individuals with hearing impairment in society. The unique strobe lighting system works by indicating the direction of the exit using the same sounders.

We use a series of sensors and monitoring equipment. In the event of a fire, our fire detection system uses sensors and monitoring equipment to activate the alarm system. Consequently, the alarm system uses components like beacon sounders and optical smoke or heat detectors, allowing a humble time for rescuers or firefighters to zone the affected areas, therefore providing protection from the sorted sections. 

Our solutions are versatile and easy to use. Our integrated fire solution offers automated emergency alarm and notification systems for commercial and residential buildings. However, our solutions are designed to provide full control over building safety. 


Benefits of our services

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Thus, our accomplished team of personnel, including designers, engineers, and installers, will work around the clock to ensure that you feel the impact of our services. Therefore, below are some of the benefits of our fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya. They include:

You become compliant. We have a sophisticated system that can automatically log into your fire alarm system and conduct periodic checks and tests. This step ensures that your alarm system is alert and awake to serve you when the need arises. 

Timely notification. We install fire alarms to alert you when it is due time. Consequently, timely notifications will help you plan for evacuation or take necessary measures when the fire is still in its initial stages of development. In addition, our fire alarm detection unit will send you live notifications in case there is a fire incident. 

Saves you time and money. When fires occur, they cause losses in terms of lives and money without necessary measures. However, with Magfre enterprises limited, we guarantee you safety and fair pricing. On the other hand, our test data is centrally recorded, making it easier to maintain your fire and alarm systems. 

Reduced workload. With the revolution on the internet, we have ensured cloud-hosted fire alarm management systems. These systems ensure self-scrutiny and that they replace old paperwork systems and automate routine tasks such as remote maintenance. We will also ensure that we send notifications to your communication gadgets about the status of your emergency fire alarm systems. 

Among other benefits of our affordable fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya include:

  • Reliability
  • World-class property protection services
  • Code-compliant
  • Reliable monitoring
  • Self-maintenance
  • Early notifications


Frequently asked questions


What are some of the main components of your fire and alarm system?

Our fire detection and alarm solutions Kenya has integrated the following components into your fire alarm system to ensure maximum functionality. They include:

Fire alarm panel. This is the basic fire control interface. It is a connection point. Therefore it allows communication with connected devices and detectors. Similarly, it reports system status and checks for incoming data. 

Other components in this category include:

  • Manual call points
  • Detector units
  • Sounders and bells
  • Visual alarm devices, otherwise known as beacons
  • interfaces


Can fire alarms detect carbon monoxide?

Yes. Our highly experienced and accomplished personnel will include detector units in your fire alarm system. Advantageously, we will carefully position them around your premises. They will help detect heat, smoke, or carbon monoxide. However, we may also include CCTV video units that will help you detect fire flames. 


How many fire alarms do I need?

There are no maximum or lowest amount of fire alarms you will require. Our team comprises both engineers, designers, and installers who will visit your property to determine the appropriate number of alarms that will serve you optimally. 


Protect Your World

It takes both your financial muscles, time, and money to build property. Contrary, it will cause sorrow, pain, and suffering to lose your property to fires. However, you can place your order with our affordable fire detection and alarm solutions Kenya. We will install fire detectors and alarm systems to protect your property at an affordable price. Therefore reach us through our social media handle today or visit our website for more information. Your solution is just a click away.