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TOA Conferencing Systems

Magfre Enterprises Ltd offers TOA conferencing solutions with exceptional quality sound, easy installation and flexible layout.

We offer TOA audio conference solutions that offer exceptional sound quality, efficient communication for each kind of conference. The solutions are suitable for either permanent or temporary installations., thanks to quick and smart installation without cumbersome cable arrangements.

Our high quality TOA conference audio systems boast clear sound, compact sizes and simple set-ups for all conference rooms, large, medium and small. Magfre Enterprises Ltd offers a delegate conference solution that supports smooth, hassle-free conferencing.

Our TOA Conferencing Products

Wired and wireless audio web conference systems
TS-770 Series

Simple, compact and convenient wired conference system.

TS-800/700 Series

A cordless infrared conference system for easier installation and removal.

TS-910 Series

Combined wired or wireless advanced conference units for system flexibility.

TS-780 Series

Plug-and-play system. Built-in recorder for quick conference recording.

TS-820 Series

Advanced wireless conference system with easy cable-free installation.

AM-1 Series

Array microphone system. Talk to your audience, not to the microphone.