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Provision-ISR CCTV Surveillance Systems

Comprehensive Provision-ISR Video Surveillance & CCTV security surveillance solutions from Magfre Enterprises lTD

Magfre is known for world class, top quality CCTV installation in Kenya. Our technical team is trained and effective that they can handle simple to complex installations. Close circuit television (CCTV) system includes; digital video recorder and a monitor. The images recorded give valuable information which assist to:

  • Detect activities that call for a security response.
  • The images captured during an incident can be used for review and evidence if needed.
  • For incident assessment.

We are able to deliver exceptional CCTV system installation service.

Our Provision-ISR CCTV Products

Provision-ISR’s range of devices, encompasses different CCTV products, specifically designed to help you find the find the best suited security solution. With provision-ISR Magfre is able to meet the needs of any kind of customer: from those who seek a professional CCTV line able to guarantee the best image quality, to those who look for the best price conditions.

Eye-Sight Cameras
PTZ Cameras
Smart-Sight Cameras
S-Sight Cameras
IR Wireless Cameras
Pan/Tilt IR Cameras
Dark Sight Cameras
IR Router Cameras
4-Channel NVRs
8-Channel NVRs
16-Channel NVRs
32-Channel NVRs
64-Channel NVRs
128-Channel NVRs
Contactless Temperature Testing Unit