Reliable Fire Detection and Alarm System Solutions in Kenya

Whether it is for your safety, the safety of your loved ones, or your property, you need fire detection and alarm systems. They are not only a legal requirement but essential addition to your business. Therefore, they protect both people, property, and assets. 

Magfre enterprises limited, fire detection, and alarm solutions Kenya provide solutions to help you meet local and international building and fire code requirements. Thus, we will provide you with tailored systems to enhance security against fires and ensure business continuity.

Our team of experts consists of designers, engineers, and installers who offer extensive fire detection and voice evacuation solutions. They will integrate an appropriate fire detection control panel in your building compatible with our systems. Similarly, our integrated fire emergency systems offer automated fire alarm and notification systems for commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, our systems are not only appealing in design but also offer tailored functionality within the installation.

Armed with enough expertise, and a wide range of fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems, let us delve into the reasons why you should place your order with us.  


Reasons why you should work with our fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya

When fires occur, they cause both losses of property and lives. However, with appropriate fire detection systems, you can recognize fires at their initial stages of development and develop an effective plan of efficient evacuation and subsequent elimination of dangers associated with fires. 

At Magfre enterprises limited, we integrate fire detection panels into our voice alarm evacuation systems. Consequently, these voice evacuation systems facilitate voice evacuation procedures during any fire emergency. Similarly, we provide sounders with unique strobe lighting to cater to individuals with hearing impairment in society. The unique strobe lighting system works by indicating the direction of the exit using the same sounders.

We use a series of sensors and monitoring equipment. In the event of a fire, our fire detection system uses sensors and monitoring equipment to activate the alarm system. Consequently, the alarm system uses components like beacon sounders and optical smoke or heat detectors, allowing a humble time for rescuers or firefighters to zone the affected areas, therefore providing protection from the sorted sections. 

Our solutions are versatile and easy to use. Our integrated fire solution offers automated emergency alarm and notification systems for commercial and residential buildings. However, our solutions are designed to provide full control over building safety. 


Benefits of our services

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Thus, our accomplished team of personnel, including designers, engineers, and installers, will work around the clock to ensure that you feel the impact of our services. Therefore, below are some of the benefits of our fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya. They include:

You become compliant. We have a sophisticated system that can automatically log into your fire alarm system and conduct periodic checks and tests. This step ensures that your alarm system is alert and awake to serve you when the need arises. 

Timely notification. We install fire alarms to alert you when it is due time. Consequently, timely notifications will help you plan for evacuation or take necessary measures when the fire is still in its initial stages of development. In addition, our fire alarm detection unit will send you live notifications in case there is a fire incident. 

Saves you time and money. When fires occur, they cause losses in terms of lives and money without necessary measures. However, with Magfre enterprises limited, we guarantee you safety and fair pricing. On the other hand, our test data is centrally recorded, making it easier to maintain your fire and alarm systems. 

Reduced workload. With the revolution on the internet, we have ensured cloud-hosted fire alarm management systems. These systems ensure self-scrutiny and that they replace old paperwork systems and automate routine tasks such as remote maintenance. We will also ensure that we send notifications to your communication gadgets about the status of your emergency fire alarm systems. 

Among other benefits of our affordable fire detection and alarm solutions in Kenya include:

  • Reliability
  • World-class property protection services
  • Code-compliant
  • Reliable monitoring
  • Self-maintenance
  • Early notifications


Frequently asked questions


What are some of the main components of your fire and alarm system?

Our fire detection and alarm solutions Kenya has integrated the following components into your fire alarm system to ensure maximum functionality. They include:

Fire alarm panel. This is the basic fire control interface. It is a connection point. Therefore it allows communication with connected devices and detectors. Similarly, it reports system status and checks for incoming data. 

Other components in this category include:

  • Manual call points
  • Detector units
  • Sounders and bells
  • Visual alarm devices, otherwise known as beacons
  • interfaces


Can fire alarms detect carbon monoxide?

Yes. Our highly experienced and accomplished personnel will include detector units in your fire alarm system. Advantageously, we will carefully position them around your premises. They will help detect heat, smoke, or carbon monoxide. However, we may also include CCTV video units that will help you detect fire flames. 


How many fire alarms do I need?

There are no maximum or lowest amount of fire alarms you will require. Our team comprises both engineers, designers, and installers who will visit your property to determine the appropriate number of alarms that will serve you optimally. 


Protect Your World

It takes both your financial muscles, time, and money to build property. Contrary, it will cause sorrow, pain, and suffering to lose your property to fires. However, you can place your order with our affordable fire detection and alarm solutions Kenya. We will install fire detectors and alarm systems to protect your property at an affordable price. Therefore reach us through our social media handle today or visit our website for more information. Your solution is just a click away.

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