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Are you in limbo about maximizing your internal team collaboration with audiovisual solutions? Do you need a united communication center or digital lobby signage?

Worry less. Our leading audio visual solutions company Kenya is one of the leading audiovisual integration companies. Therefore, whether your priority is collaborating with your team or attracting many guests to your business spades, our team of experienced personnel, including engineers, designers, and installers, will provide high tech, reliable, and easy to use solutions that will fit any available AV solutions. But, first, let us delve into some of our solutions.

Why choose our leading audio visual solutions company Kenya services?

With the revolution of the audiovisual industry, many AV companies have taken advantage of customer ignorance and hence end up delivering substandard services. However, at Magfre enterprises limited, we have a team of highly accomplished personnel with over 15 years of operative experience.

For example, we rely on teamwork to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team members, including designers, engineers and installers, work together and brainstorm for ideas. Therefore we can creatively solve real-time client challenges.

We rely heavily on the current innovation. The revolution of the internet, as well as technology, has seen innovations take effect. However, our primary purpose is to exploit our best practices and invent them to cater to present and future problems. 

We are loyal to our word. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Thus, our team of experienced personnel will seek to give you the services you requested as promised and much more.

We provide tailor-made solutions. Our customers came with different orders with different specifications. Therefore, it will take our experienced persons, who include engineers and designers, their time to figure out how they can provide completely customized services for you alone. 

We have strategic partnerships with leading AV brands across the world. Av control system manufacturers exist in different countries. On the other hand, we receive orders from clients with varied descriptions. Therefore, our interaction and partnership with the world’s leading audiovisual manufacturers and suppliers give us an upper hand in serving most of our customers’ requirements. 

Highly experienced personnel

Our team of experts consists of only experienced personnel. Before we admit any engineer, designer or installer into our team, we ensure that they have over ten years of experience with a good educational background. Similarly, we take our employees to regular training to educate them on new emerging technologies. 

Among other factors why you should place an order with us today include: 

  • We are result-oriented
  • High-quality audio and video output
  • We provide remote assistance in case of any difficulty
  • Free maintenance 
  • Fair pricing

Our services

Magfre enterprises limited is an integrated technical, consulting, planning and designing professional events based in Nairobi and operating within Africa. We specialize in many disciplines related to audiovisual that include: 

  • Sound
  • Screens
  • Lighting
  • Content management
  • Digital and interactive technology
  • Scenic design

In addition, our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya conducts other traditional aspects of events that include logistics and bookings. 

Our intense knowledge and expertise with commercial Audiovisual integrators give us an opportunity and ability to serve our clients beyond their expectations. Thus. Below are some of our capabilities.

Full production. With the experience and abilities bestowed upon us, we can oversee full event production no matter its size. In this case, we can oversee events from social gatherings, trade shows, and marketing promotions, halftime shows to fan rallies. 

Additionally, our packages can include the whole event, one particular service or a custom selection. Consequently, we will work hard to pin down your expectation, which ranges from:

  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Staging
  • Audio
  • Rigging to
  • Design

Live Streaming

Our live streaming services at magfre LTD provide for both conference and social functions. During these events, our support team, which includes videographers, will directly feed the event into live proceedings. Additionally, our highly accomplished editors will edit the video clips in our modern studio and finally submit the final product to the event owners. 

Among other services that we can fully provide you with include:

  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Event management and conceptualization
  • Audiovisual solutions
  • Virtual annual general meetings and professional meetings
  • Interpretation and translation services

Our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya FAQs

Do you use graphics when organizing events?

Yes. We make good use of heavy graphics. As you know, there is no event that can be colourful without graphics. Similarly, the objective is to always make the event look flawless. Therefore, our experienced personnel will ensure proper light placement and audio staging.

However, there is no event that is complete without eye-catching visual content. Therefore if you have to conduct your event using signs, posters or printed back panels, we will ensure that we do it perfectly. 


What are some of your audiovisual solutions?

Our leading audiovisual solutions Kenya provides tailor-made solutions in many spheres that include:

  • Extron solutions. Refers to one of the modern technologies that improve the quality of the image, higher quality sounds and easy to control system configurations. 
  • Kramer solutions
  • AUDAC solutions. This solution helps to improve the quality and ability of other audio equipment. 
  • TOA solutions
  • Infocus solutions

Connect with us today.

Events are lucrative, educational, and informative. In many cases, they help transform society from one level to another. Similarly, they will be profitable by hiring our leading audio-visual solutions company in Kenya. We will ensure that your events turn colorful with better image and sound quality. Above all, we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. What you only need to do is to visit our website today and place your order now. Our online support team will get back to you soon. It is time to fully benefit from properly organized events.

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